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Welcome to the first blog post from Bondi Active. We’re really excited to bring you the latest from fashion through to local Bondi events. We thought seeing as we are an activewear brand our first news post should be all about… you guessed it, activewear!



There is still some confusion as to what activewear exactly incorporates. Activewear is a style of clothing that has a core athletic purpose. It was created originally for use during exercise. In recent years activewear has transitioned from just an exercise garment to a more general-purpose garment. This shift to a multi-purpose piece of clothing has seen a rapid rate of growth for activewear in the retail sector.


Over the past decade activewear has had a huge impact on the fashion world. Activewear has grown to be one of the largest retail markets with all major brands launching their own activewear ranges. The evolution of the fabric quality and technology has impacted the design and styling of the available activewear collections that are sold today. Forms of activewear have existed from the 1930’s onward, but leisure wear only entered the mainstream retail market in the early 2000’s with the launch of brands such as Lululemon.


There are several fabrics commonly used to create activewear products. These include, but aren’t limited to cotton, spandex, polyester, nylon, bamboo and wool. Fabric properties vary and should be considered when purchasing a new garment to ensure they match the intended purpose.


At Bondi Active, we use a range of fabrics in our garments to create the most comfortable and durable activewear possible. Depending on whether you’re buying activewear tights, crop tops, shorts, singlets, shirts or even hoodies, will determine what fabric your garment is made from.


Investing in quality activewear is not about buying the most expensive gear you can find. It is about finding the pieces that will serve you well when you are exercising. At Bondi Active, our gear is tried and tested to ensure that it is durable and long lasting. This means our garments can withstand both the stress of a workout and the washing machine.



Another reason to invest in quality activewear is that it has the ability to maximize performance. Premium activewear is made from technical fabrics that help regulate your body temperature more easily so that you can feel cooler faster. These fabrics can also be quick drying, moisture wicking and/or sweat absorbent.


Quality activewear should be about comfort. As every body is different, it is important to find garments that will offer your body type the best support and comfort possible. For women, it’s finding a sports bra that supports you, and hugs you in all the right places. For men, it’s finding the right pair of short to ensure you’ve got enough breathing space where it matters.


It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur in the gym or a pro athlete, nobody likes being injured. Quality activewear can help prevent this by keeping your muscles warm and compressed. It is worth investing in quality activewear as it can be an important motivator. Activewear that is stylish, suits your body shape and is comfortable will definitely encourage you to get to the gym or go for that run in-public.


As we’ve seen in the past decade, activewear has really shifted from being a primarily sport garment to everyday wear. Many of us still use our activewear for traditional reasons, playing sport, exercising in the gym, going for runs or walks with friends. With that being said, there is also a huge percentage of people who use activewear as a comfortable clothing choice to go to and from work, relax at home in and even sleep in.


At Bondi Active we believe that how you wear your activewear is totally up to you. We ensure that all our pieces are comfortable, durable, lightweight and stylish. This is to cater to your needs, if you want to wear your Bondi Activewear to the gym or at home it will be perfect for both situations. Our activewear is for everyone. It has been made with all body sizes and shapes in mind.


At Bondi Active we believe our activewear represents the quintessential Australian beach vibe. We strategically draw inspiration from colours from the ocean and always consider the values of our beachside community when designing each piece of activewear.


If you’ve got any questions about any of our activewear please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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